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Our Principal - Mr. Toby Haugen

Dear parents,

This is the last month of the
Reading Tips for Parents series, tips for third graders.  Read about it, talk about it, and think about it!  Find ways for your child to build understanding, because that’s ultimate goal of learning how to read.  The tips below offer some fun ways you can help your child become a happy and confident reader.  Try a new tip each week.  See what works best for your child.

 Make books special – Turn reading into something special.  Take your kids to the library, help them get their own library card, read with them, and buy them books as gifts.  Have a favorite place for books in your home or, even better, put books everywhere.

Get them to read another one – find ways to encourage your child to pick up another book.  Introduce him or her to a series like The Boxcar Children or Harry Potter or to a second book by a favorite author.  If you need suggestions, ask our school librarian Mrs. McGee.

Crack open the dictionary – Let your child see you use a dictionary.  Say, “Hmm, I’m not sure what that word means… I think I’ll look it up.”

Talk about what you see and do – Talk about everyday activities to build your child’s background knowledge, which is crucial to listening and reading comprehension.  Keep up the conversation going when you are cooking together, visiting somewhere new, or after watching a TV show.

First drafts are rough – Encourage your child when writing.  Remind him or her that writing involves several steps.  No one does it perfectly the first time.

Different strokes for different folds – Read different types of books to expose your child to different types of writing.  Some kids, especially boys, prefer nonfiction books.

Teach your child some “mind tricks” – Show your child how to summarize a story in a few sentences or how to make predictions about what might happen next  Both strategies help a child comprehend and remember.

“Are we there yet?” – Use the time spent in the car or bus for wordplay.  Talk about how jam means something you put on toast as well as cars stuck in traffic.  How many other homonyms can your child think of?  When kids are highly familiar with the meaning of a word, they have less difficulty reading it.

Believe, Succeed, Lead!

Mr. Haugen

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Bulldog Weekly Events!

December 03rd @ 6 PM
Board Meeting @ PBHS

December 03rd @ 6 PM
Boys Soccer Playoffs @ WB

December 4th @ 6 PM

1st Grade Performance

December 05th @ 5 PM
Girls Soccer Playoffs @ PBHS

December 09th @ 5 PM
Soccer Championships @ PBHS

December 11th @ 6 PM

3rd Grade Performance

December 12th @ 1 PM

December 15 - January 02
Winter Intersession - No School

2014-15 Important Information

2014-2015 Florence Unified School District Calendar:


All visitors must present a picture identification card (Driver’s License, State Identification Card, etc.) to the front office.
The office will present our visitors with a sticker indicating their visitor status.
Identification cards will be held in the office for all visitors until their time of departure.
Once a visitor has signed-out, their identification card will be returned to them.

These procedures assist the school with identifying visitors on campus in the event of an emergency by ensuring visitors remember to sign-out upon leaving the school. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 

Free Physicals

Banner Ironwood Medical Center will be providing FREE Sports Physicals and other health services to uninsured students. This will take place every Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at 3700 N. Gantzel Rd., San Tan Valley. For more information just click on the link below to view their flyer.

Mobile SBHC card.pdf
School Hours

School Times


 2014-2015 School Hours:

 School Hours    8:15 am - 3:20 pm 
 Students are allowed on campus after 7:45 am
 Breakfast Served  7:50 am  - 8:15 am
 Early Release Days 8:15 am - 1:00 pm 
 OCS / Athletics Bus 5:10 pm 
 Office Hours 7:30 am - 4:00 pm 

*Due to K-3 elective schedules and school wide end of the day procedures, we are not able to call students to the office for early pickup after 3:00 pm.  On Early Release days, this time will be 12:30 pm.  Thank you for understanding.



Bulldog News

There have been some really great things going on at Skyline Ranch K-8 this year.  Many of you have left messages for me or have expressed your excitement to teachers and parent leaders.  Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with us.  I would like to ask you to take a moment and rate our school on GreatSchools.com.  GreatSchools.com is a resource that many people moving to our area use when choosing a school district and a specific school.  I believe there has been a noticeable shift in the culture of Skyline Ranch K-8.  Please share your thoughts and rate our school!

 Click GreatSchools.com to write a review.

What We Offer Our Students:
*Interscholastic sports program
*Student Council
*Science Club
*Three computer labs
* Before and After school tutoring
*Reading Triage
*ELL Services
*Special Education services
*Free/Reduced lunch and breakfast
*Title 1 services

Every classroom is outfitted with the latest technology:
*Over-head projectors
*Smart Boards
*4-8 student computers in every classroom
*Access to 3 computer labs
*Document cameras

Anti-Bully Resources and Reporting AZ School Tax Credit Information

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